Aleut Story

Aleut Story Teacher’s Guide

Relatively few people know that one of the bloodiest campaigns of World War II was fought in the Aleutian Islands. Even fewer people are aware that, following the Japanese bombing and invasion of the islands, a select group of American citizens in the Aleutians were removed from their homes and confined in camps where disease and death were rampant.

As your students view Aleut Story, they will meet individuals whose lives changed forever and who became agents of change.

In this special classroom section designed just for educators, you’ll find an introduction to teaching with the film,  a viewing guides and worksheets, and multidisciplinary lesson plans with links to the online resources of the National Archives and Library of Congress.

These materials are complimented by other resources on this website.  For example, the historical documents provided in our Past & Present section represents the most extensive online collection of primary documents related to the Aleut American experience available on the web.

Used in conjunction with the film, we hope these lesson plans and other resources will help you engage your students in active learning and lively, classroom discussion.

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Teaching With The Film: An Introduction

Introduction (PDF)


Unit Plan: Lesson Overview, Relevant Standards, Requirements

Unit Plan (PDF)


Student Worksheets

Pre-Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)
Segment 1: Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)
Segment 2: Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)
Segment 3: Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)
Segment 4: Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)
Segment 5: Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)
Segment 6: Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)
Segment 7: Viewing Guide and Worksheet (PDF)


Teacher Discussion Guides

Pre-Viewing Guide (PDF)
Segment 1 (PDF)
Segment 2 (PDF)
Segment 3 (PDF)
Segment 4 (PDF)
Segment 5 (PDF)
Segment 6 (PDF)
Segment 7 (PDF)


Lesson Plans

Lesson One: War & Relocation (PDF)
Lesson Two: Protest in the Camps (PDF)
Lesson Three: Civil Rights & Wrongs (PDF)


Supplemental Materials

Aleut Women’s Protest Petition (PDF)
The Declaration of Independence (PDF)
The Constitution of the United States (PDF)
The Bill of Rights (PDF)
Written Document Analysis Worksheet (PDF)

You may also download all Teacher’s Guide files consolidated into a ZIP archive here (2.8 MB).