Aleut Story

Aleut Story was made possible by the generous support of many public and private foundations, associations and businesses.

Major funding was provided by:

Major Funding Logos

Aleutian Pribilof Islands Restitution Trust, Rasmuson Foundation and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

Additional funding was provided by:


First Alaskans, Inc., Aleutians Pribilof Island Community Development Association, Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation, Ounalashka Corporation, The CIRI Foundation, Aleut Corporation, At-Sea Processors Association, Atka Fishermen’s Association, Henry M. Jackson Foundation, St. George Tanaq Corporation, and Fowler & Associates, CPA.

Special consideration was provided by:


Alaska Airlines, Kodak Motion Picture Film, Richard Reeve and Reeve Aleutian Airways, and Victory Studios Seattle.

Aleut Story is produced by SprocketHeads for the Aleutian Pribilof Heritage Group, a non-profit organization. The film is presented by Native American Public Telecommunications, which receives major funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and is distributed by American Public Television.